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Weed Control Services

Unwanted weeds can quickly turn a lush, green lawn into a battleground. Even the most meticulously landscaped and maintained lawns can succumb to the relentless invasion of common weeds in the Denver area. At Providence Property Maintenance, we understand the importance of maintaining a pristine business landscape, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of weed control and trash services tailored to meet your specific needs. If you're looking for top quality professional weed control company, we are the perfect team for your business exterior needs.

Property Debris Clean up

Commercial property landscaping services include debris clean up. It's crucial to remove outdoor debris and trash consistently to ensure that your businesses exterior is always clean and looks professional. We provide service in Denver, Westminster, Boulder, Arvada, Broomfield, Thornton, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch, Wheatridge, Littleton, Golden, and the greater Denver Metro area on the Colorado Front Range.

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Weed Prevention & Control

What is included in Weed Control and Debris Clean up Services?

Providence Property Maintenance understands the challenges that weeds pose to the health and aesthetics of your Denver area landscapes. Our weed prevention and control services are designed to address these issues comprehensively. Through strategic soil amendment, targeted herbicide applications, and preventive measures, we aim to curb weed growth at its roots. Our expert team assesses your property's specific needs, offering tailored solutions to prevent weed infestations and maintain a weed-free environment.

We take pride in our proactive approach, utilizing the latest industry practices to keep your lawn and garden looking lush and vibrant. Our ongoing weed control services include selective herbicide spot-treatments, ensuring the eradication of even the most stubborn and invasive weeds. We are committed to preserving the beauty of your outdoor spaces by providing effective and sustainable weed prevention and control solutions.

Commercial Weed and Trash Control Services:

Weed Control Maintenance

Our experts provide quality property maintenance for Apartments and Townhomes with HOAs. We make sure the property is regularly mowed, edged and weed control, which stops weeds from reaching a mature stage of growth when they could be harmful to your lawn or garden.

Trash Control

With landscaping comes trash and debris control that we offer for businesses to keep their landscape clean and professional looking for their customers. We also do leaf cleanup and removal.

Debris & Clean-Up

Debris clean-up is necessary as Denver in known for having some wind and it will tend to blow debris into the landscaping and our team is ready to remove the debris from downed trees or branches. We have extensive experience with debris clean-up and keeping properties at their cleanest.

Weed Spraying

Many times manual weed removal is impractical for extensive areas or locations overrun with thicker weeds, herbicides offer a more efficient solution. When applied correctly, herbicides work extremely effective in addressing weed invasion and eradicating unwanted vegetation. Providence Property Maintenance provides weed control services to keep the grass and landscape looking great.