Seasonal clean-ups

Fall Clean-Up Service  

Trees and bushes are all a big part of our Denver area landscape and inevitably we end up with leaves, branches, twigs and other debris all over as the Fall season rolls in. It's important to the health of your commercial landscape that these materials are all removed and cleaned up because if left on the ground, they create areas for fungal issues, such as spores, mushrooms and pooling of extra water that harm the health of grass and plants that are part of your landscaping. Our team offers this service and will make sure that these Fall clean-ups are part of your businesses maintenance plan so your business always looks clean and professional.   

Spring Landscaping Clean-up

Commercial landscaping services include Fertilization in which the grass and plants that are dependent upon the healthiest oil for the nutrients do not lack in order to grow fresh green beautiful foliage. We keep your grass green, as well as the trees healthy and shrubs properly trimmed throughout the year. We provide service in Denver, Westminster, Boulder, Arvada, Broomfield, Thornton, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch, Wheatridge, Littleton, Golden, and the greater Denver Metro area on the Colorado Front Range.

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Landscape Seasonal Maintenance

Fall and Spring Clean-up Maintenance

Fall is beautiful but also a very messy season for your landscape and that can cause a lot of stress for business owners. The Fall Clean-up service is an on-going process of keeping your landscape clean and looking beautiful as the season transitions to winter. At Providence Property Maintenance, we understand the importance of making sure that leaves are continuously cleaned up, trash and debris are removed regularly, trees are pruned and trimmed up, the ground is fertilized and aerated. Our team of Clean-up experts implement customized solutions to keep your property looking beautiful and safe.  

Spring Clean-up is as important as Fall Clean-up since Colorado winter weather and climate is harsh on our landscaping. Just like Spring cleaning on the inside it's also important to Spring clean on the exterior landscaping and bring it back to life and ready for flowers and trees to bloom. Our Spring Clean-up services can include things like Flower bed and plant maintenance, Debris clean-up, pruning and trimming, seeding preparation, hardscape and surface mediation, and fertilization and aeration.

Commercial Seasonal Clean-up Services:

Shrub Maintenance

Shrub and Branch Trimming

As part of Fall and Spring Clean-up, we also will provide Shrub trimming that will keep your landscape looking beautiful. Shrubs and bushes grow very quickly and they can start to overhang your other plants and sidewalk areas, so it's important to keep them consistently trimmed back and shaped well.

Flower Bed Maintenance

Flower Bed Maintenance & Landscape Company

With care and maintenance, an annual flower bed will generate full color continuously throughout the season. As Spring rolls around, our team will clean, plant and maintain your Colorado exterior plant services and flower beds to prepare them so flowers will be ready bloom. Our highly skilled crews and essential equipment make it a breeze to install color that only annual flowers can provide.

Leaf Removal

Fall Clean-up of Leaves

Prepare your commercial property for the changing seasons with our comprehensive Fall Leaf Clean Up service. As autumn leaves begin to carpet your grounds, our team at Providence Property Maintenance is ready to take charge. Our service is designed to efficiently and thoroughly clear your outdoor spaces of fallen leaves, so you can focus on your business while we take care of the seasonal details.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Commercial Tree Trimming

At Providence Property Maintenance, our tree trimming and pruning services involve the careful removal of unhealthy or dead branches, preventing decay organisms from compromising the tree's overall health. Trust us to expertly trim and prune your trees, preserving their vitality and aesthetic appeal.