Tree & ShrUB Care

Tree Landscaping & Planting

At Providence Property Maintenance, we place a premium value that trees and shrubs bring to your outdoor commercial environment. Our specialized tree and shrub care services are meticulously crafted to enhance the vigor, lifespan, and visual allure of these natural elements. Our landscaping experts deliver comprehensive care encompassing precise pruning, meticulous trimming, targeted disease management, and strategic planting. Enhancing the appeal of lawns, shrubs and hedges serve various purposes, from acting as a natural barrier between properties to adding distinctive character and concealing imperfections like uneven terrain.

Tree & Shrub Removal or Installation

Providence Property Maintenance excels in both the installation and removal of trees and shrubs on properties, offering unparalleled support and guidance for those contemplating the addition or removal of greenery from their landscape. We also emphasize the importance of being realistic about the maintenance required, as these green features demand dedicated upkeep and if it makes sense and for safety reasons we suggest removal of trees or shrubs.

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Emergency Tree Services

Storm Damage

Storm damage to trees and bushes can disrupt the harmony of your outdoor space and compromise the well-being of surrounding vegetation. We understand that unforeseen events such as storms can wreak havoc on trees and bushes, posing potential risks to both property and safety. Our emergency tree services are tailored to address urgent situations, including storm damage, fallen branches, and compromised tree structures. With a swift response team, we ensure the prompt removal of hazardous debris, securing the affected areas and mitigating further damage.

Providence Property Maintenance prioritizes emergency tree services to restore the integrity of your landscape promptly. Through strategic tree pruning, limb removal, and risk assessment, we strive to minimize potential hazards and revive the health of storm-damaged trees and bushes. Our comprehensive approach aims not only to address immediate concerns but also to enhance the resilience and longevity of your trees and bushes, ensuring they thrive despite unexpected weather challenges.

Commercial Tree, Shrub and Bush Services:

Commercial Tree Fertilization  

Trees are not only aesthetically pleasing and robust but also contribute significant value, privacy, and character to your commercial property. Beyond enhancing the landscape, trees play a crucial role in providing essential oxygen, improving water quality, and minimizing noise pollution. Keeping them fertilized is essential to their health and the look of your property.

Shrub Landscaping

Shrub landscaping adds depth and visual interest to outdoor spaces, offering a versatile and dynamic element to enhance the overall aesthetics of your property. Whether used as decorative borders, focal points, or natural dividers, shrubs bring texture, color, and structure to the landscape.

Storm Damage & Clean-Up

Storms can wreak havoc on trees, causing significant damage and posing potential hazards on commercial properties. Our dedicated team is equipped to handle the aftermath of storms, providing expert clean-up services to remove fallen branches, debris, and compromised tree structures.

Tree Trimming & Care

In a commercial setting, trees hold particular significance by offering aesthetic value, leaving a positive first impression on both customers and employees. At Providence Property Maintenance, we provide comprehensive tree services tailored for commercial properties, ranging from removal to fertilization, ensuring the optimal health and appearance of your trees, shrubs and bushes.